Promenada Novi Sad Mall Lighting and Architecture Co-creation

Promenada interior

Promenada Mall

Novi Sad, Serbia

Signify provided personalized solutions for each area, with more than 8280 lighting points used on the entire surface.

Promenada interior 2
We designed it with Color Kinetics special product and a dedicated control solution for 5000 K white lighting system.
- Bogdan Ursa, Lighting Application Specialist Signify Romania.
The challenge

Customer Challenge

Nowadays, the mall is not just a place to shop. It has become a gathering space and an entertainment venue. To deliver a memorable retail experience, the environment has to be welcoming and engaging, and using the right light is essential.

Promenada lighting

Custom lighting solutions

Promenada Novi Sad needed specific lighting solutions for every area, starting with the main entrance and finishing with the parking, in order to allow lighting design to blend discreetly into the spaces and to attract shoppers with high-quality light.